About Me

I am a licensed psychotherapist providing counseling services to adolescents and adults in Los Angeles, CA. I specialize in working with young adults who are struggling with the difficult transitional period moving from adolescence into adulthood. I have dedicated myself to helping teens and young adults navigate through challenging life transitions, academic or work pressures, social stressors, complicated family dynamics, relationships and intimacy, and mental health diagnoses including anxiety, depression, and trauma.

I work with clients on an individualized basis, tailoring the treatment to the unique set of issues and needs presented by each client. I am passionate about facilitating the healing process through understanding the interplay of environmental, psychological, and biological factors as well as strengthening the mind-body connection.

I have experience working at outpatient and residential treatment centers, providing psychotherapy and assessments to clients ranging from 13 to 90-years-old. I believe that we can make meaningful changes in our lives at any age and the process of growth and healing continues throughout the lifespan.

Experience & Training:

After receiving my Master of Social Work with honors from New York University, I returned to my native Los Angeles, where I underwent two years of intensive post-graduate training at The Maple Counseling Center in Beverly Hills. I utilized a psychodynamic, insight-oriented framework to conduct in-depth psychotherapy with adults of all ages including a specialized focus on the unique needs of older adults.

I spent several years serving as a volunteer mental health counselor at the Venice Family Clinic, where I conducted short-term, evidence-based therapeutic treatment as well as co-facilitated a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy group. 

I have received formal training in Trauma Resiliency Model and begun the process towards certification. I believe the field of mental health is one of lifelong learning as the world around us is continuously evolving and research into mental health expands to reinforce the empirical benefits of psychotherapy.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker LCSW76690