What To Expect

Therapy (also referred to as psychotherapy or counseling) is a process by which we gain insight and a deeper understanding of ourselves in order to effect meaningful changes in our lives. Therapy is also an opportunity to allow someone to empathize with you and your experience while facilitating personal growth and emotional healing. Effective therapy comes out of the partnership and collaboration of the therapist and the client, which means that we will both be active participants throughout the course of treatment. 

In our first session we will discuss and explore your primary concerns and develop a course of action together. I provide both short-term and long-term therapies depending on the individual needs of each client. 


Not all types of therapy or therapists are the same and I encourage you to feel empowered to explore and understand your options. One of the most important parts of any treatment is the trusting relationship built with the therapist. If you are interested in therapy with me, the next step is to call me at 323-332-9124 for your free phone consultation where we will briefly discuss your needs and the therapeutic process.