As we all know, adolescence can be a difficult time for anyone. This is why I have dedicated myself to helping teens navigate through the struggles of high school, social pressures, family dynamics, relationship changes, and tumultuous life transitions. Adolescence is a pivotal time for developing one’s personal identity and laying the foundations of self-esteem that will color the future. In addition to the normative difficulties of adolescence, I help clients with issues related to depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, and distressing behaviors. I also help my clients better understand their own emotions and develop stronger skills for self-expressionregulating emotion, and communication.

Special Services

Home-Based Psychotherapy – I provide home-based psychotherapy where I come to your home and conduct the session in the convenience of your own home. Home-based therapy creates an opportunity for you to engage in therapy in a familiar environment, fostering feelings of safety and comfort.

If you or your teen would like the support of therapy, please contact me at 323-332-9124 or by email at for a free phone consultation.