My Approach


I use an integration of multiple therapeutic techniques and theoretic orientations including psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, Trauma Resiliency Model, mindfulness-based practices, and a strengths-based perspective. My integrative approach allows me to create an individualized treatment plan for each client based on the unique set of issues and needs presented by the client.

My therapeutic orientation is informed by the understanding of the relationship between our inner and outer worlds as well as the ways in which we hold on to our emotions and experiences in the body. In therapy, we will look at the experiences that have helped shape your development and impact your current patterns of thought and behavior. 

I specialize in working with young adults who are struggling with the difficult transitional period moving from adolescence into adulthood. I have dedicated myself to helping teens and young adults navigate through challenging life transitions, academic or work pressures, social stressors, complicated family dynamics, relationships and intimacy, and mental health diagnoses including anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Areas of Treatment:


Body Image

Challenging life transitions


Emotion dysregulation or feeling out of control of your emotions


Maladaptive coping mechanisms

Relationships and intimacy



Special Services:

I offer home-based psychotherapy where I conduct the session in the convenience of your own home. Home-based therapy creates an opportunity for you to engage in therapy in a familiar environment, fostering feelings of safety, privacy, and comfort.

If you would like to know more about my approach or have any further questions, please call me at 323-332-9124 or email